I found this on we heart it, and i LOVE IT, so i decided to share this with you! And remember at the end youre always happy, if youre not happy, it is not the end
1) Polaroids

2) The views from a airplane window

3) Hot towels
4) Traveling

5) Friday!
6) Birthdays

7) Pijamas
8) Compliments
9) Letters
10) The first bite of a gum
11) Imagination
12) Other people’s happiness spreading around

13) A friend’s crazy ideas

14) Disneyland
15) Seeing your crush in a day that you are feeling pretty
16) Swimming
17) Turning your pillow to the cold side
18) A day without remembering to look at your phone
19) Inspirational quotes

20) Music
21) Surprise parties
22) Chilling in a rainy day
23) The smell of a new book

24) Netflix
25) Vacation

26) Secret santa
27) Smore’s
28) Tight hugs
29) Dancing like no one’s watching
30) Guitar musics
31) Going to a festival

32) Ugly snapshats
33) Meeting new people

34) Histories from the past
35) Childhood friends
36) A dream coming true
37) The soreness after hitting the gym
38) Shouting in the top of your lungs
39) New glasses

40) Helping someone
41) Children

42) Learning a new language
43) Roller coasters

44) Youtube videos
45) Drinking water when you are really thirsty
46) Talking alone
47) Seen that something you really worked for is happening
48) Hot bread
49) Making a bucket list
50) Staying till the end of a really good party
51) The beginning of spring

52) The cold in the winter
53) Snow

54) Rainy days
55) Sparkles
56) Churro
57) Photography

58) Trying new foods
59) Feeling pretty
60) Printing pictures
61) Going to the cinema

62) Doing what you like
63) Chinking in for a trip
64) Not taking yourself too seriously
65) Watching the trailers while waiting for the film
66) Cinema Popcorn
67) Create a Playlist
68) Love
69) Thinking about the past
70) New stamps in your passport

Hope you guys liked it!
If you want a part. 2 or have any blog post suggestions, please comment! I would love that!
And you, what are the little things that makes you happy ?