Spring has just arrived, but I just cant wait for Summer to start. I love Summer so much. The warm water, the rivers, the smell after it has rained, late summer nights, smell the fresh air of the forest. The list is endless!
In this post, I`ll give you 4 things you can do this Summer. I know its not that much,but in may you will see more! Happy reading!

Have a picture day

Get your squad or youre bestie and go outside! Bring your camera with you and take photos. It can be in the city, by a lake, in the forest, you name it! It will not only be a fun day, but you also collect memories at the same time!

Eat ice creams

You can`t have a summer with no ice cream. Summer is the best time of the year to eat ice cream. Try to make one yourself, or go to the store and by some. It´s up to you, and try to eat as many as you can!

Have a backyard party

Throw a huge backyard party with your friends! get some blankets and pillows, so you have something to sit on. Decorate your garden with fairy lights and balloons. Make good food and play some music. You can even have a water fight!

Have a boat trip

If you own a boat or a friend of you does, go on a boat trip. The feeling of the waves under the boat, seeing the coast and hear the bird sing. You can`t get a more magical place

outro; I hope you liked this article and are excited for Summer to! I might do another part of this article, because i have more things to do in Summer.

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