I’ve seen mood boards, goal boards, and dream boards for years now. However, I’ve never actually spent the time to make one. So I wanted to make one for this month and just have photos that I want to live by over the next month. You can do this anywhere, you can do this on a wall or a blank page in a journal. Mood boards are something that can be completely different and unique to each person and that is why I love the idea of making one. Because I live in a smaller apartment, and my room is really small, I don’t really have a place that I could put this on so I decided that I want to go ahead and make one online! Each mood board is in a different style, so tell me which one is your favorite!

01BeFunky Collage

So the first one is very grunge, dark. but I love it. I just love that kind of vibe. For me, those pictures represent freedom. What about you?

The second one is about style, fashion, insta pics haha. Im going to try recreate this pictures tomorrow!

And the last one is verz warm toned, brown, cozy board. I love that kind of feed, and im really hungry when I look at that waffle haha.

So that’s it! I reallz like these mood board and I think im going to make them for every month! And also, which one is your favorite?

See ya in my next post, byeee



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