GERMANY – blogmas

So recently i went to Germany with my dad and it was so fun. Germany is a beautifull country. I took some pics, here are a few of them!


So first, i went to BMW museum, it was kinda boring for me, cause i dont like cars (dont hate me lol), but for my dad, the museum was unbelievable haha.


its like a fairy tale




beautiful view


Hope you guys like this post! See ya in my next one


6 thoughts on “GERMANY – blogmas

  1. Hey, I took a look at your blog! πŸ™‚
    To be honest I think the travel and lifestyle type is vastly overdone, it’s not easy to get into this blogging world.
    I am not saying you won’t succeed though, you’re just beginning so you have time and space to try things and improve!
    If I can give you a few friendly comments: try to avoid overusing the ‘haha’s and the ‘lol’s in your posts, it doesn’t fit very well with the rest in my opinion. Also try to flesh out your comments about pictures and to add your own personnal vision, feelings and thoughts into them because simply adding a few words in a list of pictures that are not yours is not very interesting… (I know the ones from this post are your but try to give it more body and life!)
    You have potential, try things and keep going, even if you don’t have immediate success, if you do it for long enough you will get better at it and people will be interested! πŸ˜‰
    For example, why did you take those pictures? What makes them interesting? What is their story? And, for the blogmas, how are you going to do those things you said you would do? Are you doing them? How did it go? All these questions could help you make it more interesting for readers.
    I’d like to see more so I’ll try to come by from time to time!


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